What to do to sell real estate to investors?

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This is a fact: selling real estate to investors is very different than negotiating with people who want to make their dream of home ownership come true.

After all, these are quite different goals: while the one wants a financial return, the one wants the property. In this case, the approaches must also be different.

And selling real estate to investors has many advantages for a realtor. At the same time, it’s a real challenge. Interested? So, follow some tips below:

Capture investor clients

The first step is, of course, to attract clients with an investor profile to your contact base. An interesting way to do this is in creating a landing page for realtors.

Here, a suggestion is to use the vile Target marketing automation tool. With it, you create a capture page in a few clicks in a very intuitive way, eliminating the need to hire a professional.

On the landing page, try to highlight that you have a perfect property portfolio for investors. In fact, it’s worth betting on quality photos and videos to draw more attention. Finally, ask for the contacts of interested visitors, such as email and telephone.

Gather key investor information

During the fundraising process and during the first contact with the investor client, try to obtain key information for your approach. This includes knowing how long he intends to invest, what type of property he is looking for (high or medium standard?) and so on.

Now you need to focus that information into a smart Real Estate CRM. The vile Imo platform, for example, crosses real estate and customer data. That way you can make the most assertive offer possible.

Study the real estate market a lot

A good real estate broker is not content with the CRECI card, a mandatory requirement for practicing the profession. It goes much further.

Generally speaking, the professional must never settle down. He needs to seek qualifications through category courses and events.

Believe me: no matter how much experience they have, many brokers do not understand the dynamics of the real estate market. And not understanding the internal and external factors that influence the property’s value frustrates investors’ expectations.

Have the information the investor wants

To sell real estate to investors, you need to provide relevant information throughout the negotiation. Basically, what this type of customer seeks as an answer is the return and the risks involved in the investment.

Once you study to acquire knowledge of economics and update yourself with the news in the real estate market, you are able to provide this data to investors.

Track the construction market

Due to market dynamics, postponing the purchase for six months can make all the difference for the investor’s pocket. For example, in a scenario of high supply and low demand, the trend is for prices to fall.

So, if there are many releases planned for the next few years, there will be numerous vacant units, which means lower prices. Why would the customer invest at this point?

Therefore, it is essential to keep track of data from the construction and real estate sales market. So, you can make the right offer at the right time. And, both you and the investor are satisfied.

Advantages of Selling Real Estate to Investors

An advantage of selling real estate to investors is the possibility of loyalty. This is because the investor client can buy more than one property per year, very different from what happens with common clients.

In practice, this means that if you do a great job on the first sale, you’re closer to a new real estate transaction with the same customer. Thus, you skip several steps of a negotiation and save a lot of time in your realtor routine.

Another good thing about selling real estate to investors is the chance to have a fixed monthly income. This is because, in general, investors buy real estate for later rent. Here, you can earn an administration fee for renting the property.

By following these tips, you have everything to sell (many) real estate to investors. And always count on the vile Imo platform to keep your business in order.

Good sales!