What is your view on Instagram influencer marketing

What is your view on Instagram influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a well-known and rapidly expanding business technique. Because I’ve been working on Instagram for a few years, I’ve discovered several benefits and drawbacks to influencer marketing.



  1. Because influencers work so hard to discover the right audience for their brands, you will find a relevant audience for your brand.
  2. Because the majority of followers trust the influencer, it helps to develop trust and credibility for your brand.
  3. It also broadens the reach of your company because followers save and share the post and tag their friends.
  4. It is less pricey in comparison.
  5. It allows business owners to save a significant amount of time.



  1. Your money will be wasted if you do not choose the correct influencer.
  2. An influencer may have a large following, but he may not be a good salesperson. As a result, you can earn a low ROI.
  3. As this method becomes more popular and more individuals become involved in the mess, the charges will increase. However, this does not ensure the outcome you desire.