What content to create on a blog for real estate


According to the Content Trends survey, companies that publish blog posts show a 3.7-fold increase in the site’s monthly average. Given this data, what are you waiting for to create and update a blog for real estate?

If your difficulty is thinking of content to publish on a blog for real estate, your problems are over now. Below, we’ve listed some ideas that can help you. Check out:

Real estate history

Well, the blog for real estate needs to have posts that talk about the company’s history. As the space is yours, take the opportunity to value the real estate, telling the trajectory and experience of the founders.

Making this type of post invites visitors to learn more about the real estate agency, in addition to giving it more credibility.

Tips for Buyers

What makes a user visit a blog? In addition to being interested in certain subjects, he wants to find answers to your questions. In this sense, try to give tips to people who want to acquire some property soon.

Here, we are talking about producing content related to the conditions to obtain a mortgage, the small details that must be observed before buying a property and so on.

By the way, a great way to prepare guidelines for the blog is to consult your Real Estate CRM. After all, in it you register all the needs of your customers.

Tips for Owners

It is important to remember that the owners are also your customers. For them, you can give decorating tips and how to get cheap renovations.

It is worth emphasizing that a renovated property with modern decor is more valued.

Tips for brokers

And why not give tips to brokers, especially for those who are taking their first steps in the real estate market? When you produce this type of content, you open the doors of your real estate to brokers who are always looking for training. After all, a broker who consumes this type of content is a professional who wants to constantly update himself, right?

For them, you can list the main events of the category, reinforce the importance of maintaining a close relationship with customers, among other tips.

In addition to the contents of a blog for real estate

Let’s face it: it’s no use having relevant and quality content for your real estate persona if no one accesses your blog, right? Therefore, we also created a text that gives you 5 amazing tips to boost your real estate blog.

Generally speaking, you need to promote your portal through a variety of online channels, such as social media and email marketing. To do so, one suggestion is to use the ville Target platform.

It allows you to schedule posts on social networks, in addition to scheduling automatic emails to your contact base.

Anyway, the trend is that your blog will increase traffic to your real estate website and delight visitors. If you can achieve these two goals, you’re closer to making a sale. Good luck!