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According to McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than all other social networks combined. This does not mean, of course, that you should abandon updating a real estate website or stop advertising your properties on social media. But creating and triggering real estate email marketing is an indispensable complement to your strategy to strengthen customer relationships.

After all, when you ask for a contact option, we don’t just provide landline and cell phone numbers, but also email. So why not use this medium to publicize your property offers for sale or lease? Now, it’s important not to use real estate email marketing anyway, right?

To help you make your real estate email marketing even more efficient and overcome some barriers that separate you from a sale, let’s give some tips on how your campaigns should be. Enjoy, you only win.

Creative content is key

First of all, it is essential to ensure the quality of the content of your real estate email marketing. When disclosing the units that are part of your property catalog, be brief and objective in the descriptions. Inform the number of bedrooms, location and value: these are doubts that the client wants to clarify immediately.

Also use images that value and faithfully show every room. But be careful that the image is not too heavy. If this happens, your email becomes difficult to load. At the end, put in your website address. Such a gesture is an invitation for the potential customer to be interested in looking for everything you have to offer.


Identify your real estate marketing email with logo and address

Identification in real estate email marketing is such an important detail that it deserves to be highlighted by itself, however simple it may seem. Your real estate brand, as well as your address and contact number, need to be there.

In addition to conveying credibility to the message, they ensure its space in the customer’s mind. He may not respond to the email, but he may end up stopping by the real estate agency to talk in person. And the broker cannot let this opportunity pass.

Send personalized emails

The broker must also remember that your email marketing needs to be sent according to the customer’s situation and interest. For example, a customer who wants to rent a house cannot receive an email with the announcement of the launch of a new development with apartments for sale. You have to stay focused on what he’s interested in.

To maintain this premise, organize your contact list according to the customer’s profile and desire. Sort them by a neighborhood of interest, amount they are willing to pay, among other criteria. Every detail counts and this process helps the broker to personalize their email marketing. To make it easier, use a Real Estate CRM and export this information to the body of the email.

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Do not abuse the frequency of submissions

Sending email marketing real estate is important, but not overuse, huh! As soon as the customer informs his/her contact, it is worth establishing the first contact to welcome him and find out if he wants to receive new offers and information. And so on, stay in touch to create the perfect sales opportunity.

However, the broker cannot run the risk of becoming a nuisance for sending emails all the time. Keep a healthy frequency of submissions.

To help you, use marketing automation software. In fact, vile Target provides this service for you to organize your activities. This way, it is easy to schedule the sending of real estate marketing emails to the right group of clients and follow up with the others to know the best time to send a new campaign.

HTML pieces to avoid becoming spam

With all these tips, there is still the risk that your real estate email marketing ends up in the terrible spam box.  To avoid this, create a version of your email piece in HTML format.

If you use the vile Target tool to trigger your campaigns, you should also be able to import the email marketing template in HTML without any problem. Given the low investment cost and the size of the efficiency of email marketing, it is not worth letting a detail negatively impact your results.

Anyway, the realtor has several tools at his disposal to guarantee success in publicizing his campaign. So, make the most of each one: your business success depends on it!

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