[Video] Understand the importance of real estate visual identity

visual identity

No wonder designers have become strategic professionals within any company. Amidst the millions of information available on TV, the internet and pamphlets distributed throughout the streets, it is increasingly difficult to attract the attention of potential customers.

One way out of this situation is to reinforce the visual identity of companies. At first, it may seem silly to take this concept to your market, but, in this text, you will understand the importance of investing in real estate’s visual identity.

It all starts with creating your logo

Before we talk specifically about real estate’s visual identity, let’s better understand the importance of this concept. It is basically a set of visual elements that represent the company’s image.

For example, as soon as we see a bluebird on the internet, we know we are surfing Twitter. In short, the visual identity makes a company be remembered by a simple image. Now, most large company logos were not by chance. There were a number of studies for Apple to create the bitten apple and Nike, the “check”.

So, do some research to identify what your ideal real estate logo might be. And the good thing is that there are a number of free and intuitive online tools for logo creation, like Canva, Feelgooderies, Log aster .

Visual identity of the real estate company on the plates

After creating your real estate logo and choosing the colors that represent it, you should bring this visual identity to the signs that you spread throughout the properties for sale.

So, whoever walks down the street and sees a bunch of signs with your logo understands that your real estate agency is strong in that region. Basically, the visual identity of the real estate company present on the signs makes your company a reference in the places where it operates, generating more credibility for the brand.

Real estate visual identity on business cards

As with the signs, the real estate’s visual identity must be present on the realtor’s business cards. By distributing to co-workers and clients, you strengthen your company’s name in the market. 

Real estate visual identity on the internet

Knowing that most people start searching for a property in the world, it is important to reinforce the visual identity of real estate on the internet.

In practice, this means highlighting the company’s logo on the real estate website, on advertisements posted on various digital platforms, on the real estate page on Facebook and so on.

By the way, the vile Imo website templates show your real estate’s logo and offer a multitude of colors for you to choose the most suitable for your company.

In addition to the real estate’s visual identity

In addition to reinforcing the real estate’s visual identity with the website construction tool, vile Imo provides other features that help in managing your business.

Here, we are talking about Real Estate Management Software. The feature allows you to track all ongoing negotiations and the performance of your employees. Not to mention a responsive dashboard so you can view accounts payable and receivable from wherever you are.

With that, you have everything to rock the business. Success!