[Video] Keywords in real estate: learn how to make this choice


Having a real estate website is a must for every professional who works in the sector. But let’s agree: it’s no use keeping a page on the web if no one accesses it, right? Enter a series of concerns in optimizing your website. Knowing how to choose your keywords in the real estate market is a way to position your website at the top of search results.

In short, you need to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exactly what customers are looking for. Understanding how your real estate persona thinks and what you want when searching for a property on the internet is the key to converting leads.

Every search-on-search engine like Google involves keywords. Customers use them to come up with a property listing or description. For this site to be yours, you need to know how to adopt good SEO practices for real estate agents.

But how to choose the right keywords in the real estate market? Find out below:

Search data

Keywords objectively describe the content of a post and improve your site’s optimization on Google. According to Google, more than 90% of searches for real estate start on the internet and most people start this search well in advance (between 6 and 12 months).

In fact, Google reported that internet searches for real estate in Brazil grew 44% in the first half of 2017. That’s why it’s so important to stand out and optimize your keywords in the real estate market.

Do research

First of all, it’s critical to know your target audience. Since Google displays results based on words that user’s type, there’s nothing more logical than understanding how it would look for a property that you have in your wallet.

In this way, list words that your potential client is more likely to use when searching for real estate on the internet. Make lists with the most relevant keywords and include variations on those words. Google Trends is a good tool to find out which keywords are used by your target audience.

Use SEO Techniques

To improve your ranking on the search engine, you must have a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. A good SEO job involves defining keywords, writing post titles, ads and descriptions.

Not to mention technical issues such as page load speed. It is also very important that your website has a mobile version to provide a great experience for mobile users. Here, a positive point for those who build a real estate website on the vile Imo platform. In addition to the sites being optimized for SEO, they have a mobile version ready.

Be specific

To choose your keywords, it is important to leave the box. Don’t use generic terms. When a user searches for a property, he is very specific.

So, if he is looking for a property close to work, he will type in the neighborhood. If you prefer an apartment, you will not type the term “property”. So, in this case, the closest would be “compact apartments in Vila Olympia in São Paulo”.

Attention to content

To appear on the first page of Google, it is not enough to choose well your keywords in the real estate market. You need to create great blog content for real estate, that is, it is relevant and helps customers move forward on their buying journey.

In other words, quality content is the most important thing to worry about in SEO. It is what draws the user’s attention and makes him look for more information about his work.

First-rate service

Once your real estate site is ranked well, many customers should show up. If they have any questions, you must respond promptly. This makes a great first impression. Here, we are talking about integrating an online chat into your website.