[Video] How to use inbound marketing to sell real estate?

inbound marketing

New times demand new strategies, don’t they? Knowing that most purchases start on the internet, why not use inbound marketing to sell real estate? It is a strategy that, in addition to being more economical, brings a lot of results.

Did you know, for example, that an advertisement in a newspaper printed on Sunday costs around 440 thousand reais? Betting on digital, a real estate agency can impact many more people spending much less money. Here, the best strategy is: produce relevant content for your customers.

Here’s how you can use inbound marketing to sell real estate:

Inbound real estate marketing

Creator of the term, HubSpot defines inbound marketing as a marketing tactic that captures people’s interest without being boring. Here, you attract leads from content rather than pushing real estate ads left and right.

In many cases, your client is not yet ready to buy a home which, by the way, is an investment of a lifetime. Before worrying about the value, he needs to research the real benefits that a given property will provide. And this is where inbound marketing comes into play.

By highlighting the advantages of a particular property without mentioning its price at the beginning, you capture your client’s interest. Later, you can pass on financing and decorating tips until he is sure of closing the deal. Anyway, this is a strategy that helps to speed up the sales process.

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Starting inbound marketing jobs to sell real estate

Let’s practice! Below, we’ve listed some essential strategies for getting started producing content. By taking advantage of them, you can work and qualify that pile of cards and email lists that every broker has.

Analyze your contact list and determine who would really be interested in content you produced. Using the concept of Inbound Marketing, new hot leads will be generated every day:

  • Materials: prepare informative guides, videos, worksheets and eBooks. They need to be well made and attractive. When making it available for free download, request an email and telephone number for the interested parties. Thus, a new business opportunity begins.
  • Email marketing: is the main communication channel with leads. With it, you can send content, offers and launch invitations. Based on a list of contacts created by you, it is possible to segment the contacts, by themes, types of profiles, etc. So, create a segmented content as well and send it to those who are really interested;
  • Blog: serves to host original content and aimed at the public interested in the real estate market. But remember to stick to content and not real estate ads. With the blog, you will educate your lead about what financing options are available, what neighborhoods are hot to live in, how to choose a good property according to the family structure. That way, when he needs to buy, he’ll know you’re the best person to help him, and he’ll still come to you educated and knowing exactly what he wants;
  • Landing page: Defined as landing page, the landing page is where you enter details about your material. It also contains a form to capture data from those interested in its content.

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Marketing automation + inbound marketing to sell real estate

To reach as many people as possible, it’s very worthwhile to promote your content on social networks. More importantly, it is maintaining relationships with people who have already expressed some kind of interest in your properties. So, be sure to send email marketing campaigns, huh!

Want a suggestion? The vile Target is a marketing automation platform that allows you to schedule your posts on social networks and also performs email marketing shooting. Anyway, it’s a solution that automates repetitive processes. Thus, you gain more time to provide personalized service to your customers.

Also invest in a real estate platform

You could see that the future (in fact, the present) of the realtor depends a lot on digital tools, right? If it is not possible to make a real estate sale entirely over the internet, it can be said that much of the process takes place in the online world.

To keep everything organized and make your service even more personalized, you should also invest in a real estate platform. Here, the vile Imo appears as an alternative. Among so many features, it offers Real Estate CRM, portal integration, real estate website and so on.