[Video] How to sell more with marketing automation for brokers

marketing automation for brokers

The behavior of those looking for property has changed a lot. Today, the interested party already has access to a lot of information about the property even before visiting it. In practice, this means that professionals’ approach must change as well. How about adopting marketing automation for brokers?

Knowing that the internet is the main source of information for most customers, it is necessary to maintain contact points in all available channels on the web. This includes social media, email, real estate and so on. Thus, you present yourself as an authority in the market, earning the trust of potential customers.

But we also know that the realtor has many other tasks to do on a daily basis, such as conducting real estate visits, capturing properties and preparing transaction documentation. How to have so much time to interact with the customer on the internet? This is where marketing automation for brokers comes into play.

In general, this tool allows you to engage with your customers, in addition to expanding the reach of your property portfolio. These factors will certainly increase your chances of selling.

Digital marketing scenario in Brazil

Gone are the days when newspaper and television ads were enough to impact your target audience. Regardless of the sector, the ball of the time is to invest in digital marketing. After all, it is on the internet that customers look for information, products and services.

Many companies and professionals have already understood this. According to a survey by consulting firm Bain & Company, investment in digital marketing in Brazil was 8 billion reais in 2015. It is expected to reach 16 billion reais in 2020.

Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Era

What is Marketing Automation for Brokers?

In addition to expanding the dissemination of your products and services, digital marketing allows you to strengthen your relationship with potential customers, in order to retain them. In this sense, create campaigns on social networks, send email marketing real estate, create relevant content on the blog to nurture your leads, among other actions.

To leverage these actions, the ideal is to use a marketing automation platform for brokers. Generally speaking, it is used to automate repetitive marketing actions, such as linking your real estate ads to the largest search engines in the country all at once, or even sending content to the greatest number of people interested in your brokerage and your real estate portfolio.

In short, you save your time on repetitive and operational tasks. Then you can focus only on customer service and other strategic issues.

Marketing Automation for Brokers Allows Many Possibilities

Automating these tasks is not just about streamlining processes. The software also allows you to have recorded a relationship history of your customers.

Imagine that you have a list of 20 clients who fit the profile of a single mother looking for property in the Mocumbi region, in São Paulo. Would you send a proposal for each of them? Think how long it would take!!

With automation, you can send a personalized email to each customer at once. In addition, the tool presents a report with various relevant data, such as who opened your message or even who asked to be removed from your contact list.

Chakri’s real estate gang wars

Attention to your audience’s needs

Don’t think the tool can do everything for you. Before automating functions, you need to study about the subject and your customers. Finally, get to know the persona of your real estate agency. Automation only works if you know your audience and know how to route content, campaigns and promotions appropriate to them.

When putting into practice the actions combined with automation, analyze the reports. They show clearly and quickly what each marketing action has done to its audience. The ideal is to do a weekly analysis, because if a strategy doesn’t work, you can change it before ruining your entire campaign.

Meet vile Target

Interested in implementing real estate marketing automation? Then we have a suggestion for you!

The vile Target platform allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Landing Page Creation: To announce the launch of a development, you can create a landing page featuring all the benefits of the location. In it, create a custom registration field for those interested in the property to enter their data. With vile Target, you create a landing page in a few clicks; quickly and intuitively.
  • Segmentation and sending of email marketing: knowing the email of those interested in the new venture, you can send specific campaigns to this audience. vile Target, in addition to segmenting your contact base, triggers your email marketing campaigns and even offers a series of metrics for you to assess their performance.
  • Scheduling posts on social media: communication is only complete when you are present on social media. How about posting the photos of the rooms of the new venture on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? At viles Target, you register your social profiles and schedule all posts directly through the marketing automation platform. That simple.

Don’t waste any more time! Use a marketing automation tool for real estate agents to leverage real estate sales and build a close relationship with your customers