[Video] 7 Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2018

If you are one of those professionals who come out ahead of the competition, it’s good to keep an eye on the real estate marketing trends for 2018. After all, advertising your ads in pamphlets and newspapers doesn’t make much sense anymore, right?

This means, in practice, that the realtor needs to be present in online channels. Having a real estate website, for example, is no longer a differential to be essential for success. That’s because most real estate purchases start on the internet.

But that’s just the beginning. There are many strategies you can (and should) adopt to leverage your sales. We’ve selected seven real estate marketing trends for 2018. Check it out:

1) Produce videos for your properties

We know that images already draw a lot of attention in real estate ads. Now, imagine if they are on the move and with people testifying?

Videos are the hot spot for content marketing. It’s not for less. According to data from eMarketer, 86% of Brazilian users already consume videos on the web.

So, start recording real estate room videos to embed in your ads. Thus, users can get a better idea of ​​what the property in question looks like.

2) Virtual reality 

What seemed to be part of a very distant future is increasingly accessible. One more of the real estate marketing trends, virtual reality is already starting to positively impact sales.

This is because it is possible to take a number of interested parties to visit the same property without leaving the place. And the best part is, you can decorate your properties thanks to virtual reality technology.

In fact, it appears as a great option to replace real estate visits in person. As the customer can have an immersive and interactive experience in the property, you save time.

3) Production of relevant content

When you have questions or want to know more about a certain subject, you probably go to Google, right? Almost every internet does the same.

For your real estate website to appear in the first results of Google, you need to produce quality content and relevant to your target audience. So, be sure to create eBooks and update your real estate blog , huh! Thus, you gain authority in your industry.

4) Adopt Marketing Automation 

To handle so many tasks, it’s critical that you adopt marketing automation. This way, you make operational and repetitive actions automatic, leaving more time for you to focus on more strategic activities.

Within this scenario, the vile Target appears as an alternative. The marketing automation platform allows, for example, to create an email marketing trigger flow for your customer base.

Not to mention that the tool schedules posts on social networks and enables the creation of landing pages in an intuitive way.

5) Make use of mobile and apps 

Did you know that cell phones are the main means of accessing the internet in Brazil today? IBGE data indicate that 92% of users browse the network from a mobile device.

Therefore, to provide a great experience for these users, you must have a mobile version of your website. Thus, it is possible to view your property portfolio quietly on your cell phone.

And you can also take advantage of numerous mobile tools. There are a number of apps that help the broker organize his routine.

6) Don’t forget about integrations 

Well, having a real estate website helps to attract interested parties. However, it is possible to increase the number of interested parties by disclosing your property portfolio on specialized portals and through social networks.

Here, the vile Imo platform has a solution (or better, two!): the portal integration and social integration tools allow you, in a few clicks, to publish your ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Zap iMovie’s, Viv areal Portal, among other platforms.

7) Implement Facebook Ads campaigns

You should not consider Facebook Ads as an additional cost. On the contrary. It is an investment. In addition to making your posts impact a lot more people, it impacts the right people.