Understand the importance of property inspection before closing the lease


You can even understand the tenant’s rush to get the keys to the new property and rush to move. But that maxim that haste is the enemy of perfection is very pertinent in this situation. It is essential to carry out a property inspection before closing leases.

After all, it is a document that certifies the conditions of the property delivered. In fact, for lessors, the inspection of properties is even more important, since they intend to receive the property the same way it was delivered, right?


The importance of property inspection

Noticing installation defects, cracks and leaks after picking up the keys may be too late. These issues should be pointed out and reviewed throughout the lease negotiation process. Enter the real estate inspection.

In this case, an inspector analyzes whether a property can be inhabited. He checks the condition of electrical wiring, plumbing and structural details. Therefore, in addition to ensuring the safety of the next residents and avoiding headaches, the property inspection avoids conflicts between the parties involved in the lease.

Professionalize inspection

It is possible for the lessee to be present at the survey, but the surveyor can present the report after carrying out the survey himself. In fact, the ideal is that a trained professional perform this procedure. Here, we are talking about engineers, architects or even electricians.

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What should be looked at?

The property inspection must be carried out before signing the lease agreement, as it is a legal tool that protects both parties to the negotiation: tenant and property owner.

But when making the real estate visit, keep an eye on some items. Look from the outside in, analyze the facade and the entrance to the property. Check the doors and windows, open and close correctly and the handle locks well.

Are there any gaps that can pass light or draft? What about the appearance of walls, floors and glass? And the painting? Are there stains or bubbles on the walls? Check the faucets too and be sure to check the drains: are they not clogged? Take a good look at the energy board. Don’t forget to test the doorbell!

Sun is essential for good photos of property surveys

To get a good view of the structure of the property, do the inspection on a sunny day. Natural light gives a better idea of ​​the condition of the property. Furthermore, it is not enough to describe how the property is. You must document with photos and include them in the report attachment.

And we know you handle multiple trades at the same time. In order not to lose any documents, use a Real Estate CRM. In it, you register all the documents of the properties that are under negotiation, in addition to storing your clients’ information – which are essential for you to provide great service!


New inspection on property return

Once the rental contract is completed, a new inspection is required. This is to verify that the property is in the same condition as when it was rented. If anything is found, the tenant must resolve it.

By providing a great service in property inspection, you leave all parts of the lease satisfied. Maybe you can’t get more referrals? Good Business!

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