Seasonality in the real estate market: does it exist?

real estate market

Many businesses suffer from seasonality, that is, they have limitations according to the season or seasons of the year. For example, ice cream parlors, in which the mass consumption season is limited to the hottest days. Now, is there seasonality in the real estate market?

The question is a good one. How about we clarify this question together? Read the text to the end and find out with us!

Survival in times of economic crisis

It is worth mentioning: occasionally, when there is an economic crisis, the market, in general, is affected in one way or another. However, with the real estate market this scenario does not reach the point of affecting its movement.

It is true that property prices fluctuate and demand is affected, but it is still possible to sell the property to investors in this scenario. This is due to the fact that the property is a durable good, a business with low risks and that brings security for the future.

Period of the year and the search for housing

It is also important to consider that living well is a need that is not directly related to a time of year. If the buyer has the money in his pocket and you can offer the right property, he will buy either winter or summer.

There are exceptional factors that need to be taken into account, such as sales in the summer months and school holidays. During these times, people spend more of their money on holiday or travel. But these times of free time are also good for starting a search or initiating contact with a realtor.

Therefore, it is important to take advantage of this period to intensify your real estate marketing actions. In short, these are strategic dates that can guarantee sales throughout the year.

Seasonal properties make a difference

Perhaps, we can talk about the existence of seasonality in the real estate market during the season. More precisely, with beach or country house rentals.

When friends and families get together to rest on the coast, they go in search of seasonal properties. The same can be said for farms, farms and houses in the countryside that attract people interested in renting, even those who wanted to buy their own place to rest in the winter.

Know your consumer’s behavior

There is no seasonality in the real estate market that resists good planning. When the realtor understands how his audience acts, he can plan to provide the best property at the right time.

Want an example? Make an appointment in your Real Estate CRM and check the history of all your customers. You know those who always rent a house on the beach during the summer? So, offer them good opportunities well in advance when values ​​are more inviting. This conquers your customers once and for all.

Conclusion on seasonality in the real estate market

At first, it may seem that there is seasonality in the real estate market. In fact, the sale and rental of real estate is subject to some trends that create different opportunities throughout the year. The broker who is duly aware of this ends up realizing that these season limitations are only subjective.

The variety of offers available in this market, the possibilities for promotions and the desire to live well do not allow external factors to affect you definitively. More: using technology as an ally, more precisely a real estate platform, the needs of real estate companies and independent brokers can be managed more efficiently.

In the end, this is reflected in optimizing customer service, measuring results and creating strategies. Enjoy and learn about all the tools available at vile Imo, an all-in-one real estate tool