Seasonality in the real estate market: does it exist?

Many businesses suffer from seasonality, that is, they have limitations according to the season or seasons of the year. For example, ice cream parlors, in which the mass consumption season is limited to the hottest days. Now, is there seasonality in the real estate market? The question is a good one. How about we clarify this question together? Read […]

Realtors’ commission: clear all your doubts

The commission of realtors is one of the main questions for those who are thinking of taking their first steps in the real estate market. After all, working as a self-employed professional in this sector implies not having a guaranteed monthly salary. Even so, when a sale is made, the realtors’ commission can be quite considerable. It’s possible […]

LinkedIn in real estate: how and why to use

Who can’t use LinkedIn in real estate? Everyone knows it’s a great networking tool, but it can also be a business opportunity. First, let’s get to the numbers. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, with over 546 million members from over 200 countries. In Brazil, there are 32 million users on the platform. It costs nothing […]

5 Real Estate Email Marketing Metrics Every Realtor Should Monitor

Keeping leads up to date on developments that are being launched and the properties that are available is a function of email marketing for real estate agents. The tool also serves to do your after-sales work. But it is not enough to apply the strategy, it is necessary to measure the real estate email marketing metrics to know […]

[Video] Keywords in real estate: learn how to make this choice

Having a real estate website is a must for every professional who works in the sector. But let’s agree: it’s no use keeping a page on the web if no one accesses it, right? Enter a series of concerns in optimizing your website. Knowing how to choose your keywords in the real estate market is a way to position your […]

Real estate swap: do you know how it works?

Real estate exchange is a very interesting way to facilitate a real estate negotiation. It also becomes an option in times of crisis, when selling a house or apartment can seem an impossible challenge to achieve. For these reasons, the real estate agent needs to be aware of all the details of this transaction. As the name […]

5 factors that devalue a property

Sooner or later, a property ends up devaluing. However, this situation can be worked around or delayed. No matter the type of development, care must be taken so that it remains attractive over the years. It’s part of the realtor’s job to make the landlord make the best possible sale. This includes alerting you to […]

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