How to use WhatsApp to sell real estate

WhatsApp is one of the most used means of communication today. More than 2 billion people use the service every day worldwide. One of the reasons for this is its interactivity and easy access, as people not only exchange messages, but send photos, videos, audios, and even make calls through the application itself. In the video below we […]

[Video] Getting Started in Real Estate: How to Become a realtor

In the last four years, the number of realtors increased by 23% in Brazil, going from 284,000 to 350,000 registered professionals. As much as the career attracts so many people, let’s not lie: the first steps in real estate require a lot of dedication. It is common, at the beginning of a career, for the broker […]

Children visiting the property? Know how to handle this situation

As the real estate visit is the most decisive step in the purchase process, brokers need to be prepared to answer all kinds of questions. It is also essential to have the ability to deal with the most varied situations, such as when customers take children to visit the property. Not that the little ones […]

Master Real Estate Award: Meet the Oscar of the Real Estate Market

Watching movies and reading realtor books are great (and fun) ways for the realtor to specialize. But you can’t deny that the best way to get updated is to attend events of the category. Within this context, the Master Mobiliary Award is one of the most important in the sector. Known as the Oscar of the Real Estate Market, the event is a partnership […]

What content to create on a blog for real estate

According to the Content Trends survey, companies that publish blog posts show a 3.7-fold increase in the site’s monthly average. Given this data, what are you waiting for to create and update a blog for real estate? If your difficulty is thinking of content to publish on a blog for real estate, your problems are over […]

[Video] Join Inside Imo: the biggest real estate intelligence event in Latin America

Imagine the possibility of contacting the best professionals in the real estate market and consuming first-rate content. Here, we’re talking about Inside Imo that takes place on March 8th and has limited slots. The biggest real estate intelligence event in Latin America is organized by Modulus, a company with focus and expertise in the real estate market. Present in […]

Expressions and Slang Used by Realtors

Specific expressions are also common in real estate. However, it is not advisable to use them in conversations with customers. The slang used by realtors should be limited to conversations between professionals. As it is a special market vocabulary, clients are under no obligation to understand the slang used by realtors. If you are taking your first steps in […]

Seasonality in the real estate market: does it exist?

Many businesses suffer from seasonality, that is, they have limitations according to the season or seasons of the year. For example, ice cream parlors, in which the mass consumption season is limited to the hottest days. Now, is there seasonality in the real estate market? The question is a good one. How about we clarify this question together? Read […]