What is the herd effect on the real estate market?

Before we talk about the herd effect on real estate, be honest and answer the following question: Have you ever bought a product just because everyone else was buying it and never got around to using it? If your answer was “yes”, you were a victim of herd behavior. In other words, you acted on impulse […]

What to do to sell real estate to investors?

This is a fact: selling real estate to investors is very different than negotiating with people who want to make their dream of home ownership come true. After all, these are quite different goals: while the one wants a financial return, the one wants the property. In this case, the approaches must also be different. And […]

Learn how home insurance works for your customer

Do you know how home insurance works? Every realtor needs to be prepared to offer this service to their clients. Often, the customer is more concerned about the qualities of the house or apartment he intends to purchase. In these cases, it is up to the broker to make him pay more attention to preserving the home and […]

How to improve online service in the real estate market

Gone are the days when a realtor had to spend all day calling all of his clients. The new behavior of buyers requires a new approach. Here, we’re talking more specifically about how to improve online service in real estate. Responding to your customers’ queries via the internet can speed up a negotiation. Not to mention that it […]

Discover 5 apps for realtors to download

We never tire of saying that realtors need to be always up to date with trends in the real estate market. In practice, this also means using the main digital tools available on the market. Within this logic, applications for realtors to download appear. They work like a hand in the wheel in the routine of these […]

Realtor’s Vacation: When is the Best Time to Take Yours?

Vacation: This is the most awaited moment for any worker who has worked hard for an entire year. And there’s nothing fairer than having a well-deserved rest period to “recharge your batteries”. But what about a realtor’s vacation, when is the best time to take it? This is because, in most cases, the realtor is a self-employed […]

Learn how to sell more properties by giving decorating tips

Did you know that it is possible to sell more properties by giving decorating tips? Among other things, the realtor needs to understand decorating to have more arguments when negotiating a house or apartment. For example, during a real estate visit, some customers may object. Here, it is up to the broker to reverse this situation. And the best […]