Why Invest in Real Estate Sales Training

To bring a difference to your service, the realtor needs to act as a consultant. He needs to clarify doubts, give information and help those who are looking for a new property. However, your ultimate goal remains only one: the sale. Closing a deal needs to be done in the best possible way. This is why the role […]

Discover How Local SEO for Real Estate Drives Sales

After adopting inbound marketing, you noticed that your real estate website started to be highlighted in Google’s search results. At first, this is great. But there is a problem: visitors from different regions end up coming to your site, but because of the distance, they never start a negotiation. And this is where local SEO for real estate helps drive sales. […]

Broker: Invest in the sale of vacation properties

The real estate market differs from other lines of business in several aspects, including the best period to advertise. The recess is coming and many people think it is the worst time to start a negotiation. Contrary to this line of reasoning, the best thing to do is to invest in vacation real estate sales. You bet! If […]

Broker: see tips for on-plan property sales

The image of a broker’s work is closely linked to the product offered by him. Therefore, it is a great challenge to sell properties on the plant. It is not an exaggeration to say that selling a property on the plan is selling a promise! To make the mission even more complicated, the scenario is not the […]

Discover how to offer the right property to your client

Generally speaking, a real estate deal usually takes months. No wonder: the customer needs time to think and not make mistakes when investing the money of a lifetime. However, offering the right property right away helps to streamline this process. Now how to do this? Offering the right property to the client is not – and should not […]

Techniques for planning for real estate

New Year sends us to lists of promises and professional goals. So, how about taking the time to plan for the real estate agency? In it, in addition to setting goals, you need to show the path of how you intend to achieve them. Here, it is important to point out that planning for real estate cannot […]

[Video] How does scheduling posts on social media help the broker?

Two decades ago, real estate ads were limited to people who read newspapers, received leaflets, and entered a real estate company. Thanks to the popularization of the internet, this scenario has changed a lot. Nowadays, for example, posting frequently on social networks helps the broker to reach many more people, increasing his chances of selling. And it is precisely […]

What is the herd effect on the real estate market?

Before we talk about the herd effect on real estate, be honest and answer the following question: Have you ever bought a product just because everyone else was buying it and never got around to using it? If your answer was “yes”, you were a victim of herd behavior. In other words, you acted on impulse […]