Master Real Estate Award: Meet the Oscar of the Real Estate Market


Watching movies and reading realtor books are great (and fun) ways for the realtor to specialize. But you can’t deny that the best way to get updated is to attend events of the category. Within this context, the Master Mobiliary Award is one of the most important in the sector.

Known as the Oscar of the Real Estate Market, the event is a partnership between Fiasco-Brasil (Brazilian Chapter of the International Federation of Real Estate Professions) and Segovia-SP (São Paulo Housing Union). The Master Mobiliary Award has existed since 1994 and, this year, the ceremony should take place on August 29th.

Objectives of the Master Real Estate Award 

The main objective of the award is to show society the importance of the real estate segment in several aspects. So much so that the criteria adopted take into account the social reach of each project, as well as creativity and economic relevance.

Awards categories

There are two main categories in the awards:

  • Enterprise: intended for works in the residential, commercial, industrial, leisure and other segments, fully completed and delivered by Brazilian companies in Brazil or abroad.
  • Professional: for works or projects related to the real estate industry in the areas of marketing, administration, commercialization, technological innovations, urbanism, architectural solutions, the environment.

Who can participate in the Master Real Estate Award?

The Master Mobiliary Award honors several professional categories that are directly involved in the real estate sector. Here, we are talking about engineers, architects, real estate marketers, builders and so on.

As mentioned above, the event takes place on the 29th of August, but registration will only go on until the 2nd of March. So, if you want to participate, it’s a good idea to run in order not to miss the deadline. To do so, access the official website of the Premio Master Mobiliary, read the regulations and register.

Past winning cases

Also on the event’s official website, it is possible to view the winning cases from previous years. One example was the construction company Patri ani for the launch of the first commercial project in Tibia.

But it was not just that. Patri ani managed to sell all 178 units in just 15 days, when the country was going through a period of recession. Quite a milestone.

In addition to the Master Real Estate Award

By participating in loco – or following – the Premio Master Mobiliary, you will know success stories that can serve as inspiration. In fact, it is possible to know, for example, if the trends in real estate marketing have had an effect.

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