LinkedIn in real estate: how and why to use


Who can’t use LinkedIn in real estate? Everyone knows it’s a great networking tool, but it can also be a business opportunity.

First, let’s get to the numbers. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, with over 546 million members from over 200 countries. In Brazil, there are 32 million users on the platform.

It costs nothing to remember that investing in customer relationship marketing is one of the secrets to succeeding in this industry. This makes you remember when they need a property. And you can use LinkedIn in real estate for that purpose. See how:

The profile is a business card

The registration of the profile is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a professional and good-quality photo. Have a title that says who you are, but try to differentiate yourself. The ideal is that you fill in all the fields to show your professional trajectory, from graduation to the last projects in which you participated.

Your clients and partner realtors can help make your profile even more complete. Ask them to make recommendations about you, sharing experiences they shared.

Finally, be sure to publicize your real estate website, in addition to other contacts such as phone and corporate email.

Publish about the market

Of course, the posts on LinkedIn must be different from what you post on the real estate page on Facebook. After all, they are platforms with different purposes and users.

Here, instead of publishing mortgage and decorating tips to clients, try to share articles and news about the real estate market itself. This type of content makes you a reference on the platform.

Qualify your connections

Think very carefully about the audience you want to reach and be related to. Search advanced searches for people you would contact by email or phone.

Customize your invitation and tell us what motivated you to get in touch. If the person accepts, thank them and, of course, don’t be a boring realtor to the point of offering something at that moment. Gradually build a relationship with that person.

Join groups

Forget the idea of ​​groups you have. On LinkedIn, they are an opportunity to interact and meet people who work in your field. If you speak another language, you can still follow what happens outside Brazil and even seek inspiration for your performance here.

Be subtle when selling

Using LinkedIn in the real estate market requires great caution not to turn your profile into an online billboard. As mentioned above, the ideal is that 90% of the content you publish and interact with commenting and liking is news about the market.