Learn how to sell more properties by giving decorating tips

decorating tips

Did you know that it is possible to sell more properties by giving decorating tips? Among other things, the realtor needs to understand decorating to have more arguments when negotiating a house or apartment.

For example, during a real estate visit, some customers may object. Here, it is up to the broker to reverse this situation. And the best way is to give decorating tips so that the client can view the property with new eyes.

You don’t need to be an expert; the broker can only have the basics. Something that is enough to set you apart from the competition. And, in this text, we are going to talk about how to sell more properties giving decorating tips. Check out:

Good use of space

The first important tip that can save your sale is to give references for good use of space. These notions are valuable when offering the client, a property that has rooms that are too small.

At this time, the professional needs to suggest ways of decorating that start with the inclusion of the most important furniture for everyday life. Another good suggestion is the use of multifunctional furniture such as a sofa that can also be used as a bed, a dressing table that can be transformed into a work table or a bench that serves as a table, dividing the kitchen from the living room.

Strategic elements and sense of the breadth

With a good knowledge, you can also guide the client on how to give a sense of greater amplitude to the property’s rooms. Some tricks, such as using light colors on the walls and positioning the main furniture, help a lot in this regard.

To make the environment more comfortable and personalized, it is worth using pillows, picture frames, lamps, puffs and curtains. However, it is important to suggest that these objects are used with care, so as not to end up leaving the space charged up.

organization and beauty

Organizational tips are very important to make the property more attractive. At these times, the best option is to use niches and shelves.

They can, for example, serve to store children’s toys in the bedroom, hold books in the home office or photo frames and decorative objects in the living room. In addition to making everything more beautiful, it organizes and enjoys every corner.

Good coatings for the kitchen

When talking about the kitchen, you need to keep in mind that the issue of practicality makes all the difference. The hygiene of the place where there is probably some dirt at the time of cooking can be guaranteed with easy-to-clean coatings, such as tablets and tiles.

It is important to remember that there are tiles in different shapes and colors that are almost works of art. After all, covering the wall of the place is not enough, the beauty also counts for a lot.

Outdoor areas and gardens

With great potential to be one of the most interesting places in the property, outdoor areas such as gardens are really wild, especially if the buyers are a couple about to start a family. Give tips on wooden items for the location. They contrast well with the green of the plants.

Feed the customer’s imagination, suggesting the use of hammocks or special chairs and armchairs for resting.

In addition to decorating tips

As seen above, it is possible to sell more properties by giving decoration tips. Here you are, in fact, delighting the customer while visiting the property. But you can (and should) go further and delight him in different ways and at other times.

An important point is not to leave the customer unanswered for too long. He called you and you were busy? Once you’re free, call back. Incidentally, it is essential to be available in a lot of service tools in the real estate market.

Thus, you communicate with your customer wherever he thinks best: via WhatsApp, email, telephone, online chat on the website, among other channels.

It is not enough to be available and not help customers to make a decision. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to update and consult your Real Estate CRM at every service. This way, you know exactly what moment of purchase your customer is and what their greatest needs are.

Finally, the self-respecting realtor is always prepared to surprise clients and achieve their goals in the best possible way. Be that way too and good sales!