Learn how to optimize the real estate’s telephone service and sell more

telephone service

As archaic as it may seem, the real estate’s telephone service can still be decisive for selling more. It is true that most customers start their search for a property directly on the real estate website, but most still prefer to confirm the information searched over the phone.

It’s not for less. The real estate transaction requires particular care, as many details are at stake. More than making an online presence, the broker must be prepared to provide excellent telephone service from the real estate agency.

After all, this is close first contact with the potential customer, which can establish a certain level of trust for a lasting relationship. Otherwise, if you are not solicitous and cannot answer the customer’s queries over the phone, the chances of his returning to you are nil.

Therefore, stay tuned for information in this text that will help you improve the real estate’s telephone service.

Get to know the details of the properties in your portfolio well

For starters, being prepared is essential. Every realtor must know the details of the properties in their portfolio. As the first impression is the one that stays, you already transmit that you are tuned in to your market in the first contact.

But there’s always that discerning customer who has a knack for asking the toughest questions there is. So, whatever you can anticipate, including bureaucratic criteria, try to do. Keep your sources of reference, price lists and your work material close at hand.

In fact, it is essential to leave your Real Estate CRM open to consult data and write down the information given by the customer on the other end of the line.

Be friendly

We are not always mentally ready to receive or make a call. So don’t start your offer if you’re not feeling well. Telephone service requires concentration and that the broker has a friendly and spontaneous tone, so as not to scare off the customer.

It is necessary to show that you are satisfied with serving him. Also show interest in everything that is said, whether the client should live alone or with family, etc.

Therefore, it is good to evaluate your mood and keep calm so as not to harm your service because of a tone that seems unreceptive.

caution and speculation

Telephone contact requires a good deal of caution during the conversation. This type of contact is mainly made to clarify doubts – yours and the clients. Which means the sale isn’t right yet?

In that case, pass along all the information that is common to the process, but don’t forget to ask questions. Be subtle and encourage the customer to provide you with key information so you can meet their needs.

Gradually, you will have enough substances to offer the right property to the client.

Formalize the contact

Be sure to invite the client to a visit to the real estate agency, if you notice that the balance of the conversation was positive. Otherwise, you can also present options that best fit the customer’s interest.

The realtor should take advantage of the opportunity to contact him to show that he has options and conditions to satisfy the potential buyer’s desire and that he is very welcome in your company.

Also, take the opportunity to ask how the customer prefers to be served next time. By the way, let us know that you are available in other service tools, such as WhatsApp, online chat, phone, or email. The customer is in charge!

Be patient

The most important thing during the real estate’s telephone service is to remain patient. It’s important to let the customer say what’s going on. In addition, it is necessary to have sensitivity to work around the situation, when necessary.

This could be your first and last chance. Also, try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to act on the emotion. A worthwhile effort, regardless of the end result.

Whether by telephone or in-person, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with the customer, based on credibility and security. Preserve these values ​​at all times.

Good sales!