How to use WhatsApp to sell real estate


WhatsApp is one of the most used means of communication today. More than 2 billion people use the service every day worldwide.

One of the reasons for this is its interactivity and easy access, as people not only exchange messages, but send photos, videos, audios, and even make calls through the application itself.

In the video below we will detail for you all the advantages and how you can: Realtor can extract the maximum resources from this amazing tool.

We will focus on the integration and use of WhatsApp with the vile Imo platform for brokers and real estate agents, but even so this video and post can be very useful, as you can check with your system if they have this feature to help you with sales and locations. So, stay tuned!

The vile Imo recognizing the need for easier communication between the broker and his client, included both the share of real estate in Mobile version for WhatsApp, as an option via WhatsApp conversation Site broker.

Facilitating interaction at the time of sale and consequently increasing your results.

If you filmed the property and want to send it through your WhatsApp, rest assured, we have also created an article that talks about it in detail, all for you to make the most of all these resources to boost your property sales. See the article here.

WhatsApp Icon on the Site

Ease of communication between client and broker. Customers browsing a real estate website will have the option to send a message via WhatsApp along with the link to the page the customer is browsing.

Example: Your client is visiting a property x, and while you are on this property’s page and click on the WhatsApp button, it will send you a standard message along with the link of the property you are interested in.

Ville Imo Client: see how to install the WhatsApp Icon on the Site

Below you will have the step by step to install the WhatsApp Icon on your website. Follow the tutorial and sell more properties:

1- Log in to your Admin Panel (example: www.seudominio/imoveis/adm);
2- Click on the left menu: Settings > Info. Contacts;

3- Add your WhatsApp number in the field: Number that will receive contacts;
4- If you prefer, you can also add a standard message so that your customer does not need to type it. Example: Hi, I visited your website and would like more information. Thank you and I await contact.
5- Then click on the blue button: Update Info. Contacts.

The WhatsApp icon will appear in the lower left corner of your website (as shown above) and also in the mobile version. Remembering that you can access your website in the mobile version, typing your website address in the address bar of your mobile browser.

You can also share properties on WhatsApp in the Mobile version

It works as an optimization of the work, both for the broker and for the client interested in the property. By clicking on the share button, the main data of the property of interest is transferred to the app, see details in the video below:

Interested in the topic and want to go deeper by creating a professional account for your company or real estate? Discover WhatsApp Business here and see how to use it.

Anyway, you could see that, to improve online service in the real estate market, it is necessary to invest in technological tools.

The vile PP & E offers all the necessary resources to enhance the sale and leasing of its real estate! Can you use WhatsApp in any other way that helps you to sell your properties? Share here with us.

We wish Success and Good Business.

Ramon Carvalho
CEO and Co-founder vile Imo.