How to improve online service in the real estate market

online service

Gone are the days when a realtor had to spend all day calling all of his clients. The new behavior of buyers requires a new approach. Here, we’re talking more specifically about how to improve online service in real estate.

Responding to your customers’ queries via the internet can speed up a negotiation. Not to mention that it is possible to serve many people at the same time.

5 Things to Improve Online Service in Real Estate

But this is not always synonymous with quality. Here’s how you can improve online service in real estate:

1. Intuitive real estate website

The first step to achieve great online service in real estate is to build an intuitive website. That’s because the real estate website is probably the first contact a client will have with your work.

As the first impression is what remains, some pages are essential on your website, such as your professional trajectory, customer reports, presentation of the property portfolio and, of course, your contacts. Well, be aware that vile Imo has several website templates that meet these requirements.

2. Mobile version of the real estate website

Knowing that more than 90% of users access the internet from a mobile device, it is essential that your website has a mobile version. Thus, the photos of your properties appear correctly to visitors, providing a great experience for them.

Anyway, having a website adapted to all screen sizes is a way to make a great first impression, which is very important to start a great online service in the real estate market.

3. Online chat for broker

When your real estate website is easy to navigate and adapted for mobile devices, it’s easier to spark the interest of visitors. Once interested in your properties, they may have many questions.

This is where having an online chat integrated into your website starts to make a difference. Especially when you respond promptly to queries from visitors. This feature also helps in further contacts with customers as it keeps the entire conversation history.

4. Monitor your social networks

The internet has transformed the way to promote products and services. Anyone who advertises on television, for example, has no way of immediately knowing whether the public’s reaction was positive or negative. On the internet, the answer is practically instantaneous.

Therefore, you need to monitor your social networks, especially when you use the social integration tool that publishes your real estate ads on the main social networks, in addition to WhatsApp.

Even if followers do criticize, don’t fail to respond. Always answering gives the feeling that you are a professional concerned with good service.

5. Analyze your campaign metrics

Finally, you may already be oblivious to the importance of investing in real estate marketing. This also includes designing email marketing campaigns.

To save time in this important work, we recommend registering on the ville Target platform. It allows you to segment your entire contact base, in addition to triggering your emails. In addition, the tool provides campaign performance metrics.

By analyzing them, it is possible to know which types of headlines generate the highest open and click rate. That way, you can get your hand right in the next campaigns.

Anyway, you could see that, to improve online service in the real estate market, it is necessary to invest in technological tools, right? Get a free trial at vile Imo right now!