Expressions and Slang Used by Realtors


Specific expressions are also common in real estate. However, it is not advisable to use them in conversations with customers. The slang used by realtors should be limited to conversations between professionals.

As it is a special market vocabulary, clients are under no obligation to understand the slang used by realtors. If you are taking your first steps in real estate and are not yet familiar with these expressions, follow the meaning of some of them:

Bear market

With an English origin, it refers to markets that show a very sharp downward movement in property prices.


Giving a bicycle in the real estate market is like deceiving someone, outsmarting them.


It refers to clients who carry out the entire negotiation process, carry out the real estate visit, make the registration form and, at the last minute, do not complete the purchase.

White pants

Novice brokers who haven’t closed any deals yet earn this pet name.

Call to action (CTA)

Translating: call to action. Frequently used in the world of digital marketing, it refers to buttons and catchphrases for the customer to take an initiative, usually conversion. It can be used within a landing page for realtors, as a button that invites users to register to visit a property.


Partner Realtors entails a division of profits. When a broker starts the service and another completes the negotiation, it is common for there to be a 50% split of the commission for each broker.

Dead chicken

One more slang used by realtors, it means a great business opportunity due to its low cost.

White fly

It refers to that very difficult property to be found. Therefore, it is worth having a Real Estate CRM that does an intelligent data crossing. Thus, it is easier to offer the right property to the client.

In the plant

When properties are still under construction, but available for sale. Many people choose to buy properties on the floor plan, as there is more flexibility in payment.


The famous sales call. When a condo is released, it is called a pirate. It’s time to gain customers, usually a phase of great opportunities.

Caster or Roulette

In launches and sales shifts, the real estate agency provides many brokers for service. They should stay in place for a while and try to gain as many customers as possible. Roulette is a draw to determine what will be the service order of each broker.

Dirty the pants

Dirty pants are another slang used by realtors. It’s a positive thing. It means that a broker made his first sale and earned a commission, that is, he is no longer white pants. Not a newbie anymore.

  • Brick

Because of the ads on real estate portals and websites, it is not used as much as it was a few years ago. A brick is a small advertisement in the newspaper’s classifieds.