Discover how to offer the right property to your client

right property

Generally speaking, a real estate deal usually takes months. No wonder: the customer needs time to think and not make mistakes when investing the money of a lifetime. However, offering the right property right away helps to streamline this process.

Now how to do this? Offering the right property to the client is not – and should not be – an exercise in guesswork. Here, the broker must promote a series of actions to identify the client’s profile, in addition to capturing different properties.

Do you want to offer the right property to your client? So, check out the following tips:

Start by capturing different properties

As much as your performance is limited to a few neighborhoods, your portfolio must be filled with properties of different types. Thus, you can meet the most varied customer profiles.

The ideal, then, is that you have compact apartments, properties with two to four bedrooms, houses, apartments with gourmet balcony and so on.

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Do a lot of targeted outreaches

In addition to disclosing its property portfolio on your real estate website, use the tools of social integration and portal integration to spread their ads on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, OLX, Viv areal Portal and so on.

This helps to attract enough people to your ad. However, to attract the right people, it is recommended to use the targeted advertising tools on these platforms.

On Facebook, for example, you can target your ad to the right audience, defining gender, age, location, among other criteria.

Collect lots of customer information

In the first contact with the customer, try to collect a lot of information about him. Here, it is important that you already understand what his needs and preferences are.

In order not to be a boring broker who asks a lot of invasive questions, try to lead a more relaxed conversation. If the customer mentions having children, comment that you have a child, for example.

That way he can reveal the age of his children. In this, you already get some answers, such as the ideal number of bedrooms, the best region for the client in question to live (if there is a school nearby) and so on.

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invest in technology

When you collect good information from your customers, register them in your Real Estate CRM. Thus, the tool crosses the client’s data with that of the real estate portfolio.

CRM Mobiliary automatically selects the most suitable properties for each client. It’s going to look like magic, but it’s pure technology.

Advantages of offering the right property for your client

Offering the right property to the client makes the professional save time in a negotiation. By the way, streamlining the sales process is very important for a realtor’s financial planning.

This is because most professionals work autonomously, that is, their earnings are directly linked to their sales.

When you can make the right offer at the right time, your customer is very satisfied. Then, you have everything to receive a lot of nominations.