Discover How Local SEO for Real Estate Drives Sales


After adopting inbound marketing, you noticed that your real estate website started to be highlighted in Google’s search results. At first, this is great. But there is a problem: visitors from different regions end up coming to your site, but because of the distance, they never start a negotiation. And this is where local SEO for real estate helps drive sales.

There’s no denying it: well-positioned sites get more clicks. However, to obtain more assertive results and increase its potential buyers, a real estate website needs to establish other filters. One is location. This detail is crucial and guides the choice of many customers who wish to buy or rent a new property in the region where you, in fact, operate.

We know you are a broker who is always on the lookout for market news. So, keep following this text and discover how local SEO for real estate boosts your business

What is local SEO for real estate?

SEO helps you find websites from all over the world. This does not necessarily mean an advantage for the realtor, interested in attracting buyers to specific locations. This is where working on local SEO for real estate makes all the difference.

It is basically a tool that optimizes the search-on-search sites focused on the region. This helps a lot, if the user makes a search for real estate in São Paulo, for example. A result that is achieved by providing relevant and location-related information. With that, the result ends up being much more assertive.

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Local SEO Best Practice for Real Estate Agents

Local SEO for real estate has simple but very efficient practices. An example is inserting the real estate address at the bottom of each page of your real estate website. This practice helps Google’s algorithms identify and process information. Your page ends up being “seen” as more relevant to a target audience, in addition to improving your position in searches.

Sign up for Google My Business

It is also worth registering your real estate website on Google My Business. This feature is free. Just enter relevant data about your business and your location and it will place your business on Google Maps as a commercial point.

But not only that. The public can give opinions and assign an assessment about your real estate and the quality of its services. With good ratings, you’re ranking in searches also improves. But beware of criticism, they can bring you down. Therefore, always provide excellent customer service.

Optimize your site navigation

Despite these tips, you can’t neglect other details that boost your site on Google and similar pages. It’s the case of appearance. Your website needs to have a layout with consistent colors and elements, quality images and optimized text with fluent information.

All to ensure a good browsing experience for users. Also, the data needs to be found easily. It may seem like just a whim, but these details help Google’s ranking of page positions.

By the way, it is worth noting that all vile mob site templates are optimized for search engines. Not to mention the possibility of creating a mobile version of your website to positively impact mobile users.

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Advantages of Implementing Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

Better placement in search results is just the first of the advantages of local SEO for real estate agents. By using this tool, you can also greatly increase your sales rate, thanks to the greater number of hits.

With the intense popularization of the internet and the use of mobile devices, having a good online presence is essential. Especially if your business depends on the internet, as many customers today have new shopping habits. Local SEO for real estate also increases your chances of being found by qualified clients, that is, those interested in investing in the region where your company works.

Now that you know all the advantages for your real estate, take the opportunity to put them into practice and ensure an increase in your business. And, knowing that the trend is to increase the number of clients and properties captured, don’t forget to rely on a real estate platform, such as vile Imo , to organize all data in the cloud.

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