Discover 5 apps for realtors to download

apps for realtors

We never tire of saying that realtors need to be always up to date with trends in the real estate market. In practice, this also means using the main digital tools available on the market. Within this logic, applications for realtors to download appear.

They work like a hand in the wheel in the routine of these professionals. Generally speaking, they help streamline communication with clients, improve the quality of property photos and organize the daily agenda.

In this text, we are going to present x apps for realtors to download to their smartphones as soon as possible. But let’s not waste time talking about WhatsApp and Instagram, because all professionals need to have them installed on their device.


As the routine of realtors is quite hectic, with a series of outside activities, professionals must have an agenda. Here appears the Evernote app.

Basically, you can add links, tables, audio recordings and other attachments to notes. With versions for IOS, Android and desktop, Evernote organizes the broker’s routine, optimizing their work. Everything so you don’t miss any appointments!

It also allows the creation of notes that can be sorted into notebooks by name, such as “stakeholders” or “stakeholders in apartment”.


Another app for realtors to download, Apia is divided into three categories: clients, real estate and appointment book. In the customer list, you can classify them as “owner”, “interested”, “seller” or “renter” and include other personal information.

In the property portfolio, you add photos, documents, values, commission and the progress of the negotiation of all the properties captured. This way, it is easier to find out which property is more compatible with the clients’ requirements.

In order not to miss appointments, the app sends SMS confirmation of your visits in advance. The app is available for iPhone or Android.

Bosch Mediation Machine

Customers are increasingly demanding. In practice, they want to know all the details of the property, including the measurements of each room.

And the Bosch Measuring Machine app solves that question. The realtor just takes pictures of each room in the properties and inserts measurements of angle, length, space area and particularities, such as electrical lines, connections, among others.

Thus, during a real estate visit, you can consult the property’s data and pass on all the information to clients. They will be impressed with so much information.


Arriving late for a real estate visit can’t be done, right? It’s very bad for the realtor. The ideal, even, is that the professional always arrives before the clients.

Therefore, it is interesting for the broker to use the Waze application that indicates the fastest routes with less traffic. If you don’t have your own car, the broker can use private transport applications, such as Uber and 99Táxi.


To produce a great real estate listing, you must include quality images. As much as the resolution of your smartphone is excellent, it always needs an adjustment here and there.

In that sense, Pixel is one of the best photo editing apps. Basically, it edits all the visual aspects of the images and makes cuts. It is possible, for example, to insert logos and watermarks on the images.

In addition to apps for realtors

Having these apps at hand will help you streamline your work and, who knows, increase your sales. But you’ll still need something more robust to manage your real estate and client portfolio. Here, we are talking about the need to have a real estate platform.

One suggestion is the vile Imo. It’s an all-in-one tool that you can access from any device: wherever and whenever you want! In addition to creating real estate websites, he provides a series of resources that help organize the realtor’s routine.

Among them, we can highlight the real estate CRM that concentrates the maximum amount of real estate and customer information and, in addition, crosses the data.

We cannot forget, also, the Management Software. In it, you can consult accounts payable and receivable, thus organizing not only your routine but also your financial planning.

It is worth noting also the tools of social integration and portal integration. They increase the visibility of your real estate listings by placing them on major websites such as Facebook, Portal Viv areal, OLX, and so on.

By downloading these apps, you have everything to start the year off on the right foot. Good sales!