Children visiting the property? Know how to handle this situation


As the real estate visit is the most decisive step in the purchase process, brokers need to be prepared to answer all kinds of questions. It is also essential to have the ability to deal with the most varied situations, such as when customers take children to visit the property.

Not that the little ones are a problem in themselves, but it is an unusual situation that requires a different skill than the professional.

Children can talk too much – and they are quite sincere – that, from time to time, put the realtor in snooker. The little ones also tend to mess with everything, which can make the rooms messy. Imagine if you have another visit scheduled next? A problem.

To avoid this impasse, we have listed some tips for you to deal with children when visiting the property:

Don’t be taken by surprise

In the first contact with the customer, try to absorb as much information as possible. This includes knowing whether the customer has small children or not. This is not expendable information. On the contrary.

Knowing whether the client has children or not, you filter your property portfolio and, subsequently, you can offer the right property. Not to mention that, since the client has children, it is possible for them to take the children to visit the property, right? So, you are already prepared for this situation.

Therefore, before going to the property to serve the customer, make a quick query in your Real Estate CRM. It must contain all the customer and property data.

Communicate with children

Of course, the purchasing power belongs to the parents, but it is important that everyone involved is satisfied with the acquisition. This includes children. If parents’ consent, ask the child if she is excited about the move and what she thinks of the property.

Highlight benefits for children

If the property has a leisure area, such as a sports court, swimming pool, playground or games room, try to highlight these points. If so, take clients to visit these areas so they can see the benefits for themselves.

And the benefits for children can go beyond the property. Highlight for parents which schools and parks are closest to there. Having all these services close by is synonymous with quality of life.

Property care – and children

Little ones like to mess with everything, don’t they? This can be a problem when clients bring children to visit the property. If you find yourself in this situation, ask the parents to be especially careful with the children not to let them mess up the property.

The reverse also applies, especially when the property is fully furnished. For example, during the visit, point out rooms that have furniture that can hurt the little ones, in addition to covering electrical outlets.

Avoiding accidents with children is very important to not get in the way of the negotiation.

Give the kids a treat

Once you’ve consulted the Real Estate CRM and saw that the client has small children, it’s worth getting ready to expect children when visiting the property. How about taking a treat for the kids?

This helps to establish a good relationship with the family. Remember: as the real estate transaction involves many steps, the broker’s relationship with the family can take months to close. Not to mention your after-sales strategy.

Welcoming a family with children on a visit to the property is no big deal. By following these tips, you can calmly handle this situation.