Broker: use empathy to attract more clients to real estate


One of the biggest challenges for a realtor is to attract more clients to the real estate, especially when competition is strong. To get an idea, an estimate by the National Federation of Realtors (Funaki) is that there are more than 350 thousand professionals throughout Brazil.

Here, it is important to say: it is not enough to meet many people if you do not cultivate this relationship. This logic works not only in personal life but professionally as well. In practice, this means listening to and understanding customers’ needs and then offering them the right property.

In short, having empathy is a strategy to attract more clients to real estate. We will explain, below, how:

Be an empathic broker

Working with real estate sales means dealing with the most varied profiles of people. A broker needs to understand his client to gain their trust. More than that, you need to put yourself in the shoes of those who are interested in buying the property.

Finally, understand the customer’s desires, needs and fears with the transaction. Only then will you be able to present solutions and suggestions to him.

Learn to listen to understand customer needs

To be sure what the customer is looking for, you need to understand their priorities. By putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will be able to pick up signals more easily. With empathy, you can ask the right questions, listen carefully and with concern to what the customer has to say, and the result will be to discover their real needs.

In short, the empathic broker listens! He is a great listener and can communicate effectively. Listening to what the client has to say gives tools to present the best real estate options and also increases the chances of closing a deal. By knowing how to listen, the broker can speak what attracts the customer’s attention and the chances of sales only increase.

Invest in technology

As much as the relationship is interpersonal, relying on technology can be a great differential. That’s because you can gather all the information of the countless customers that you talk to daily in a Real Estate CRM.

Thus, you are more prepared to delight the customer during the service. Not to mention that the tool crosses data from customers and their property portfolio, which makes it possible to offer properties that are more compatible with the needs of interested parties.

Be available on all channels

Nowadays, there are many service tools in the real estate market. And to attract more clients to real estate, it is important that the broker is available across all channels. So, try to highlight your contacts in ads, business cards and boards.

And it goes beyond. On the real estate website, make yourself available to serve customers through an online chat. Thus, you already establish a first contact at the best possible moment: when the person is looking for a property.

Become confident to do business

Attracting more clients to real estate is not synonymous with sales. In fact, it’s the first step in a long process. In this sense, try to answer all customer queries throughout the transaction and facilitate each phase of the process.

Thus, you build a good relationship and conquer the customer little by little. This makes it safer to close the purchase.

Finally, by resorting to empathy, you become trustworthy and get closer to closing deals. Good sales!