Broker: see tips for on-plan property sales


The image of a broker’s work is closely linked to the product offered by him. Therefore, it is a great challenge to sell properties on the plant. It is not an exaggeration to say that selling a property on the plan is selling a promise!

To make the mission even more complicated, the scenario is not the best, although it was already worse. According to data from Abanic (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers), the number of cancellations reached 44,200 in 2016. In the first months of this year, it was already possible to notice a drop, but it is still too early to celebrate.

The reasons that lead consumers to return the units are several: from lack of capital to continue investing to delays or complete interruption of the work. Due to all the uncertainty surrounding the sales of real estate in the plan, a lot of skills are required on the part of the realtor. Want to know what they are? Keep reading this text!

Know your customers’ needs

Generally speaking, those looking for a property in the plant know what they are doing. More: he knows the credibility of construction companies, understands about investment and is organized.

However, the needs can be quite different. It can be a couple without children, newlyweds about to get married, singles seeking independence. Anyway, you can deal with a number of people who have very different needs.

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So, the first step is to get to know your customer better. At the very first contact, try to extract as much information as you can and register in your Real Estate CRM. Then, throughout the service, you can take the most accurate approach to convince your customers.

Use digital marketing to make real estate sales on the plant

Knowing that most property searches start on the internet, the realtor needs to act on the web to attract the attention of potential interested parties. This strategy starts with building a real estate website. But it cannot stop there.

Try to impact as many people as possible by publicizing the launch of the property on social networks, in addition to shooting pieces by email marketing real estate. In advance, you can already pass relevant information to interested parties, such as the location of the property, delivery times, materials used and so on.

Present the advantages right away

Making real estate sales on the floor means dealing with very cautious investors. To provide a good experience, produce content that indicates the advantages of this shopping alternative. How about keeping them informed about the construction market and enforcing the rules for this type of business?

As many buyers are terrified of the possibility of wasting money and time with renovations, try to highlight the benefits of this type of property. For example, it is more feasible to make changes to real estate in the plant. In them, the consumer can give his opinion on some points and ask for changes according to his style. Not to mention that the new properties are already adapted to current needs.

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Bet on virtual reality

What seemed completely distant is increasingly accessible to the market. Virtual reality can be a great ally when it comes to sales of on-plan properties.

This is because the interested party can already have a great sense of the property’s space. Not to mention that it can simulate different types of decoration just using technology.

Be clear about costs

As sensitive as it is, you should not omit the costs involved in real estate sales in the plan. Therefore, be transparent and inform about the extra costs that exist in this type of negotiation.

The buyer needs to be aware of the fees with Public Deed, taxes (ITBI) and Real Estate Registry. The payment can be facilitated by you, informing about the exclusive financing lines for properties in the plant and also the options of financing directly with the construction company, which can extend terms, reduce the down payment and even make some cash rebate.

Finally, the ideal is to provide excellent service from beginning to end. Or rather, from the beginning to the post-sale of real estate. Good Business!