At volatile times like these, where 81% of ICO’s were scams, 6% failed, 5% slowly died, and only 5% went on to trade on an exchange, we offer you a closer look at our roadmap. We believe in complete transparency as that is the only way for a community to be born, stay united and move forward towards the same goal!

In order to meet its objectives, Lux Ant Digital will request additional banking licenses in key jurisdictions to be able to operate with different fiduciary currencies and facilitate international transactions without the need for third party commissions. We will have legal and physical jurisdiction as ALUX BANK in Luxembourg. Our Initial product design is already finished as well as our website and whitepaper! Several advisors and partners have already come on board and our Bounty and Airdrop campaigns have begun! Our community is growing every day!

The principle purpose of Lux Ant Digital is the creation of an EDE (electronic money entity), which will be focused on economies of scale, the elimination of commissions from third parties and in offering basic banking services such as savings and loans. Also defined as a project that as a purpose looks for the necessary capitalization to manage process’ of all kinds of licenses and permissions in the necessary jurisdictions to finally possess an EDE. Our software & patents are being handled by some of the most skilled developers and the code is published on github!

By the first quarter of 2019 Alux Bank’s platform will be available for everyone along with our Alux Bank app!
We will offer the services of electronic banking for companies and individuals! It will offer a series of advantages of great value and low cost as we apply Smart Contracts where traditional banks are involved as third party operatives in the transactions and always keep a high fee. We have designed the emission of micro-lendings, both private and public, and everything happens with one simple click, by using a Smart Contract. Lux Ant Digital does not forget the need for fiat as payment method in developing countries, that is why we have anchored a network of existing retailers to maintain this service. A network of agents as well as service stations, tobacconists, etc. Each of them will have an account with Alux Bank to facilitate said operations and services. In turn, they will have payment cards issued directly by the company, which can be used as an option for withdrawals and deposits at most own and collaborators ATMs available throughout the world.

By the end of 2019, internal administrative procedures will occur ensuring that the essence of decentralization is not lost and will also be able to adapt to future obstacles and be accepted by financial institutions worldwide. Our i+d+i plan (investigations development and innovation) will begin to assist with the above target! Distribution of dividends to the shareholders will also begin!

At this point, society is bound to have specialized personnel and regulated in the jurisdiction. Alux Bank will be a global financial manager. Alux Bank will link part of their projects to collaborate with financial institutions thus granted ease of integration within official operations.

Our approach in working with central banks and supporting additional digital currencies will be our main objective of financial, economic and social inclusion, this will help us support initiatives both at a large-scale and micro-economies, while improving international transactions.


+2021, 2022…

We follow a management of continuity of business in order to process the achievements and maintenance of our company. It shapes a vital part of the safety management of information systems, planned and proven, that now knows itself more commonly as cybernetic safety. When we speak about continuity of the business we refer to the aptitude to survive the «bad things » that can have a negative impact on the company.















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