How to generate your Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet address.

In order to receive your ALUX tokens you will be asked to enter your unique wallet address in your dashboard.

We recommend using MyEtherWallet but you may also use other native Ethereum wallets as long as they are ERC-20 compatible, such as Metamask, Mist or imToken.

We do not recommend sending your ALUX tokens directly to your exchange as they might get lost and we will not be able to recover them.

1. Go to and click on “New wallet”.
2. Enter a password you will remember.
3. Click on “Create new wallet”.

4. Save your “Keystore” file onto your computer and keep it.

5. Click on “I understand. Continue”.

6. Print out your “Private key” or, alternatively, you can write it down on a piece of paper or save it onto a hard drive or USB stick.

7. In the next step, follow instructions to unlock your wallet and see your address. You can also click “Send Ether & Tokens” to unlock it.

8. Scroll down to find your “Account address”. It’s a long string of numbers and letters. This is the address you will need to copy and paste in your dashboard.

9. Go to your dashboard and enter your Account address (the one you copied in step 8).

10. To be able to see your ALUX tokens in MyEtherWallet, you must add the ALUX token details in the same “Send Ether & Tokens” page where it says, “Token Balances”.

11. Click on “Add custom token” and enter the following details:

Contract address: 0x42cee7dd9b47c2cee35ca996a712e8c99471d46f

Token symbol: ALUX
Decimals: 0

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