7 trends for the real estate market in 2018


Gradually and at ant steps, the country’s economy begins to show signs of recovery. And the optimistic scenario tends to be reflected in the real estate market in 2018. In fact, the sector has already received good news in the second half of this year, such as the reduction of the Salic rate and the financing facilities by banks.

For now, the good news has had no impact on sales. After all, a real estate transaction usually takes a long time to complete. So, everything indicates that things will improve a lot in the real estate market in 2018. And, therefore, the broker must be prepared for this:

1. Real Estate Credit

The Salic rate should reach 8.5% by the end of 2017. It is expected to reach 8%, which can generate cheaper credit for real estate financing. Added to this, the savings account will be more attractive to investors and will produce more resources for the sector.

2. Guaranteed Real Estate Bill (LIG)

The LIG is the issuance, by financial institutions, of securities linked to the real estate market. In Europe, it represents 20% of real estate credit and amounts to 2.5 trillion euros. Authorized by the Federal Government in August 2017, it promises to triple the 10% of GDP represented by real estate credit in Brazil. The LIG is a cheaper alternative to the Real Estate Credit Bill (LCI) and also has twice the security for the investor.


3. My Home My Life

Although simple, the sector’s recovery began in the second half of 2017. Much due to the federal government’s Minhaj Casa Minhaj Vida program, which had its rules updated.

Now, the limit of consumer income to buy a property through the program has gone from 6.5 thousand reais to 9 thousand reais. Next year, with greater consumer confidence, the rate of adherence to the program tends to increase.

4. Fall in inflation

The market is confident in the drop in inflation in the country, which could reach 4.3% in 2018. As it reflects on the purchasing power of Brazilians, it could make investment more attractive. In addition, it can make developers think of new strategies to close the deal.

5. Advancement of builders and developers

Even with the stagnation of the market, some developers and builders keep their releases up to date. The sector’s resumption may come from greater political stability in the country. The already high tax burden cannot increase and Government resources must come from economic growth.

Only then can companies in the real estate market keep their businesses on track for success. But they also need to rethink their strategies to close the deal.

6. Low unemployment rate

The Labor Reform, which took effect in November this year, promises to reduce the country’s unemployment rate. According to experts, the unemployment rate will close 2017 between 11% and 11.5%.

For next year, the expectation is that it will drop to 8.5%. As unemployment is the main reason related to the cancellation of properties in the country, the drop in the index will be beneficial for the sector. Given this scenario, the real estate market in 2018 has everything to be positive for brokers and real estate companies.

How to do real estate marketing: traditional and digital

7. Regaining trust

In times of crisis, it is normal for consumers to think more before committing to a long-term investment. With the promise of an improvement in the market, the resumption of employment and a drop in interest rates, it is possible for consumers to regain their confidence and start investing.

Broker, are you prepared to sell more?

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