7 reasons to change real estate software

real estate software

With the advancement of technology and the changing profile of consumers, managing a real estate property requires skills that go beyond market knowledge. To make your life easier, how about changing the real estate software?

With a robust platform like vile Imo, you can gather all the information of your real estate portfolio and your clients, manage the disclosure of your real estate ads and, in addition, manage the accounts payable and receivable. Anyway, it is an all-in-one tool, which makes you save time in your activities.

Still in doubt? So, check out seven reasons to change real estate software right now:

1) Integrations with real estate portals

Advertising is the lifeblood of the business, right? So, your real estate portfolio needs to be publicized. While it’s critical to keep your ads on your real estate website, they gain more reach when posted on major real estate portals.

Using the vile Imo platform, it is possible to integrate, in a few clicks, all your ads in the largest portals in the category: Zap iMovie’s, Viv areal, OLX, among others. This increases your chances of sales.

2) Integration with Social Networks

You can go beyond real estate portals. How about impacting your target audience on social media too? Because with vile Imo, you do this by disclosing all properties registered in the system on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even WhatsApp.


3) Usability

Changing real estate software doesn’t have to be a headache. By the way, you shouldn’t even waste a lot of time learning how to handle it. That’s why vile Imo is very intuitive. It only takes a few clicks to reach all the numerous features that the platform offers.

If you manage a team of brokers, it is important to say that there is a possibility to configure the permission level of each user. For example, a broker may only have access to some functionality, while you can enjoy all the features.

Finally, another advantage is the ease of accessing it anytime and anywhere. As everything is available in the cloud, you can enter the platform right from your smartphone.

4) tutorial videos

Decided to change the real estate software, but are you afraid of not learning how to use it? Even though it is very intuitive, the vile Imo platform offers a series of tutorial videos so that you can explore all the features to the full.

5) Support Channels

With the tool, you can keep the registration of customers more accessible and establish a more functional service channel. It is possible to create contact mechanisms for solving queries and support. In fact, the broker chat is a very interesting possibility to provide quick service.

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6) CRM with Funnel

As in any business, the real estate purchase process has several stages: from research to final purchase. To facilitate your service, it is essential to know which one your customer is. With a suitable software (more precisely, the vile Imo) you get this kind of information.

The realtor who has a CRM that gathers the greatest amount of information about the customer, can cross data and identify what time of purchase he is. You can know the visit history of the ads, which properties he looked at and was interested. By identifying key information, you can take a more assertive approach and offer the property of interest.

7) Know-how in the segment

We know that there is a plethora of generic CRM tools available on the market. However, the ideal is that you resort to one that meets all the demands of a realtor. In vile Imo, in addition to all the features mentioned above, you can generate standard real estate lease and sale contracts, for example. In short, the platform has all the know-how of the segment.

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