5 factors that devalue a property


Sooner or later, a property ends up devaluing. However, this situation can be worked around or delayed. No matter the type of development, care must be taken so that it remains attractive over the years. It’s part of the realtor’s job to make the landlord make the best possible sale. This includes alerting you to the factors that devalue a property.

More importantly, the professional must guide the owner to avoid the depreciation of the property. In fact, this makes the broker’s job easier. After all, it’s much easier to sell a property in great condition, right? Not to mention that it guarantees a better commission from realtors.

So, no more wasting money over a poorly maintained apartment. Check below five factors that devalue a property and don’t make a mistake:

1) Bad conservation

One of the main factors that devalue a property is the lack of maintenance. It is noticeable when a property needs renovation. Thus, it is difficult to sell it when anyone can see that it needs care. Thus, you need to advise your customers to keep their property so as not to compromise the sale.

And you don’t need to make a big investment, no! A painting on the walls and a change of floor are enough to give a new face to the property.

2) Outdated decoration

When we say that a differentiated realtor needs to understand decoration, it is not nonsense. Having an outdated decor demonstrates sloppiness and lack of care. When a potential customer visits a property and doesn’t like what they see, they run the risk of not accepting the offer.

Therefore, the ideal is to leave the property with a “clean” style, with discreet furniture, cozy atmosphere and neutral colors.

3) Irregular or incomplete documentation

That’s the basics. Nobody wants to carry on a negotiation when the documents needed to purchase real estate are irregular or incomplete. If the person interested in the property does not give up on the purchase, it is clear that the price will plummet. That’s because regularizing all the paperwork is a process that costs time and money.

4) Lack of security

Any place that people look to live passes through the scrutiny of security. Living in a place with a high crime rate is completely out of the question. Thus, it is necessary for the owner to invest in solutions to protect the property. Alarm installations, electric fences or even hiring security can facilitate the negotiation.

5) No garage

According to figures from the National Traffic Department (DENATRAN), Brazil has more than 51.2 million cars last year. Within this context, the absence of a garage becomes one of the factors that devalue a property. Even if the person does not have a vehicle, this can change over time and he will need a place to store the car.

Another problem would be an uncovered garage that depreciates the vehicle due to the sun and rain. Houses without spaces or with an uncovered garage can devalue a property.

In addition to the factors that devalue a property

In order for you to alert homeowners to these factors, it is important to gather all property and customer information into a Real Estate CRM. This tool even makes an intelligent data crossing that makes you able to offer the right property for each client.