5 Big Real Estate Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Make More


From time to time, you need to evaluate which actions worked and which failed to design your next strategy. Within this context, try to identify (and eliminate) the big real estate marketing mistakes you’ve been making.

In fact, if you don’t invest in marketing, you’ve already started wrong. It’s time to change your posture right now. In the real estate market, the broker needs to gain the trust of customers to continue negotiations. To do so, it is necessary to show its qualities and remain present in different moments of the negotiation. Enter the power of marketing!

However, the strategy can be a shot in the foot if you don’t pay attention to some details. To help you out, we’ve listed 5 big real estate marketing mistakes you can no longer make. Check out:

1) Not prioritizing digital media

Gone are the days when advertising real estate in newspapers and distributing pamphlets about the launch of new developments were quite effective. Of course, these strategies still work, but you can be much more successful by prioritizing digital media. Think about it: if digital media didn’t work, big companies would never invest so much money in them.

To get an idea, according to a survey by the São Paulo Housing Union (SECOVI-SP), 90% of real estate purchases start on the internet. This means that you must be present on the major real estate portals, in addition to publicizing your portfolio on social networks.


2) Very poor-quality photos

Publicizing your real estate ads with poor quality photos on the internet is a real shot in the foot. Instead of attracting customers, you drive them away. And when we talk about quality, we’re not just referring to image resolution, but also to lighting and room organization.

Also, don’t forget to create quality videos to make your ad even more attractive. Remember that videos are the big trend in the real estate market for the coming year.

3) Not knowing your customers well 

Another big mistake in real estate marketing is not knowing your customers well. For example, it makes no sense to send a three-bedroom property with a children’s play area to a 35-year-old single man. Let’s agree, right? Surely, he will ignore your offer.


So, before creating and launching marketing campaigns for your customers, try to identify their needs and desires. Thus, you can customize your campaigns as much as possible. To help you in this task, nothing better than relying on a Real Estate CRM. In it, all of your customers’ information is registered, pointing out what their needs and desires are.

4) Have a one-way communication 

In the middle of the internet age, one-way communication is over! Unlike a newspaper ad, when you only knew customer reactions after phone calls, you get instant feedback on the internet.

Now customers have a voice too, and you need to hear it. For example, try to read (and respond to) your followers’ comments on social media as quickly as possible. This way, you show everyone that you are concerned about providing a great service.

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